Traveling by ship from Oslo to Copenhagen (2019)

Cruise company DFDS goes on a cruise from Oslo to Copenhagen. If you want to save money, it is better to buy tickets in advance and on their official website.
The ship leaves on schedule.
We did it, we left Oslo at 16:30, and arrived in Copenhagen at 9:45.

The cruise ship was bewitching with its size. It had 11 floors, judging by the elevator, shopping centers, shops, restaurants, cafes, pools, viewing platforms, cabins of course, conference rooms, cinemas, a juicy club and much more.

When I went up to the observation deck I saw a lovely girl who was dressed and looked to the side, like she was from the Titanic movie 🙂 And I could not help but take a picture of her. It was great!

Another detail of Wi-fi on the ship is paid and not cheap. And the Internet on a smartphone will stop working at sea.

And of course the cabin. It is very convenient. You do not need a hotel, you can get enough sleep.

And one more little advice, if you decide to go by boat, buy a ticket with breakfast, you will not regret it. Very rich and hearty breakfast (buffet).