Time management

“Time management” makes it possible to make every day filled and substantial, quickly achieve short-term and long-term goals, live a vibrant life. During the training, you will be able to identify unfavorable habits and transform them into positive ones, achieve significant results in the desired direction, restore order in your affairs and understand yourself.

1.List of formed competencies

Formed SHL competencies

Master the real skills that will allow you to both successfully develop your business and build a dizzying career. SHL competencies are the gold standard of the business world and are in demand by the best international employers.

2.Exercise leadership

Shows the degree to which you exercise control and leadership, delegate tasks, and set appropriate behaviors. Describes how you choose employees, motivate and inspire others to work, and also create opportunities for staff development.

3.Planning and organization

It shows how you plan, structure and organize activities, how you manage time and work with the necessary resources. Describes how you track progress.

4.Overcoming pressure and failures

It shows how in stressful situations you do your job and maintain control over your emotions and how successfully you overcome obstacles. Describes how you maintain a balance between work and personal life. Shows how you feel about work and how you perceive criticism.

5.Achieving your own professional goals and results

Shows how focused you are on results and achieving individual work goals. Describes how important it is to you direct personal influence on the result. It shows how you feel about working beyond the prescribed time and how much you are interested in self-development and career growth.

The Time Management course is an innovative course of a new type, combining the best practices of the business world with the best theoretical knowledge. You will receive skills that are applicable in practice, and experience significant positive changes in your life.

At the end of the course, you will have at your disposal the tools that allow you to solve business problems as efficiently as possible, according to the specific steps formulated. With this toolkit, you will get a clear competitive advantage and bring your life as close as possible to your ideal idea about it.

Chapter 1. Audit of time

In the first chapter of the course, you will learn how to treat time as a valuable resource.
The Life Calendar tool will allow you to visualize your temporary resource and teach you to treat it carefully.
The Timing tool helps you identify weaknesses in your schedule and fix them.

3 years
5 years
18 years
25 years
30 years
40 years
45 years
50 years
55 years
65 years
70 years

Chapter 2. The system of priorities.

In the first section of the second chapter, you will identify areas of life that are really important for you and determine specific tasks that will lead you to success both at work and in your personal life.

The Wheel of Life Balance tool will help you monitor your progress in the field of time management and achievement of life goals.

The Prioritization Squares tool will help you understand exactly what tasks you need to perform in order to succeed in areas of life that are important to you.

In the second section of the second chapter, you will learn how to manage the list of your tasks. The Eisenhower Matrix tool allows you to conduct business as efficiently as possible.

In just 20 days you can:

  1. Make good use of your time
  2. Delegate authority correctly
  3. Increase your personal effectiveness
  4. Make informed and effective decisions.
  5. Build relationships with colleagues and partners
  6. Defend your idea to leaders
  7. Develop stress tolerance
  8. Lead in a team of like-minded people
  9. Build your own brand
  10. Speak publicly and not be afraid of the audience

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