Sweland – Stockholm (2019)

Stockholm is the largest city in Scandinavia, the birthplace of the ABBA and Carlson group. The city where the Nobel Prize was established and which is now associated with a rich cultural life and modern art.

The world capital of design, where even the metro looks like a work of art. Interesting cuisine, special coffee culture, green parks – each district of the city is not like the other. The 14 islands on which Stockholm is located are connected by 57 bridges – there will be where to wander. Where to go in order to understand and feel the spirit of the city, you will learn from the guide.

All cultural places in Stockholm can not be bypassed even for ten trips, but you can catch time to see something interesting in a couple of days. To start a walk around the city is from the Old City of Gamla Stan, in fact, the area itself is an open-air museum. A real pleasure to wander among the narrow streets, looking at unusual buildings, shop windows and souvenirs on the shelves. Ancient frescoes are hidden behind almost every picturesque facade.

Stockholm is a city of rare beauty, this will be confirmed by anyone who has ever visited it. For many it becomes a real discovery how different quarters of Stockholm managed to maintain their own unique character and charm.

The huge changes in altitude and the places with wonderful views from the Söder quarter are fundamentally different from the narrow streets of the medieval Old Town or with the scale of the parks of the Djurgarden quarter broken out on the site of old pasture land. Its face is also on the cozy shopping streets in the vicinity of Stureplan, and on the covered market in the Ostermalm quarter.