START -Personal effectiveness and management skills (25.08.2019)

Courses from the MBA program that will allow you to multiply your results in career and business

About the program “Personal Effectiveness and Management Skills”
A comprehensive program for the development of personal effectiveness and key competencies of the leader, necessary for every professional who thinks about his development. Courses from the updated MBA Business School program

Career and personal development
You will gain professional skills and be able to succeed faster than others

In just 20 days you can:

  1. Make good use of your time
  2. Delegate authority correctly
  3. Increase your personal effectiveness
  4. Make informed and effective decisions.
  5. Build relationships with colleagues and partners
  6. Defend your idea to leaders
  7. Develop stress tolerance
  8. Lead in a team of like-minded people
  9. Build your own brand
  10. Speak publicly and not be afraid of the audience

Program content