Norway – Oslo (2019)

As a real Scandinavian capital, Oslo is a fashionable, stylish, free city that embodies Norwegian traditions and culture, beautiful architecture and Norwegians’ love for nature. Nordic style is felt in everything – in the perfect purity of the streets, seasoned geometry of modern buildings, respect for history, fresh breath of the fjords, creative street art, minimalistic design and environmental friendliness in everything.

In Oslo you just need to walk relaxed, peeking from time to time in art galleries, cozy cafes and small shops. Breathe deeply, look with open eyes and soak up the calm and pleasant atmosphere of this beautiful and self-sufficient city.

Oslo Attractions – a conditional name, in contrast, for example, from Copenhagen or Stockholm, Oslo has few obvious, mandatory attractions. In this city, sightseeing is replaced by experience – walks, meetings, picnics, etc. D. And so on. Therefore, in Oslo there is no need to try to have time to see everything – choose places, museums and attractions that are as close as possible to you and mix them with long walks, relaxation in green areas and delicious food.

Barcode – a series of 12 narrow tall buildings of various shapes and colors. Here is a photo in the Shoot Gallery and the Kunsthall Center for Contemporary Art (admission is free).

Smooth and clean roads with bike paths.

The city is very visible concern for the environment. The number of electric cars, electric buses, electric scooters, electric buses WITHOUT A DRIVER also stands out from other Scandinavian countries (they are already tested and work).