Time management

“Time management” makes it possible to make every day filled and substantial, quickly achieve short-term and long-term goals, live a vibrant life. During the training, you will be able to identify unfavorable habits and transform them into positive ones, achieve significant results in the desired direction, restore order in your affairs and understand yourself. 1.List …
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START -Personal effectiveness and management skills (25.08.2019)

Courses from the MBA program that will allow you to multiply your results in career and business About the program “Personal Effectiveness and Management Skills” A comprehensive program for the development of personal effectiveness and key competencies of the leader, necessary for every professional who thinks about his development. Courses from the updated MBA Business …
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Emotional intelligence

The concept of emotional intelligence includes such skills as managing emotions, effectively influencing the maximum number of people, receiving feedback from them. In the process of studying the course, you will have the opportunity to understand in detail the concept of emotional intelligence and master the ways of its development.

Business communications

Under business communications is understood the interaction that ensures the success of a common cause, creating the conditions for cooperation between people to achieve certain goals. During the training, you will increase your level of communicative effectiveness, learn how to manage conflicts in the organization, and also learn the basic rules of etiquette in organizing …
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Personal branding

Each person who sets himself high career goals should engage in the formation of a personal brand at the beginning of his career. Step by step, you will create that recognizable image that will begin to work for you, bringing dividends. The course will help the average person become a brand, gain recognition and increase …
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Critical Thinking and Decision Making

A modern manager needs to know the criteria that an optimal solution must satisfy, how to analyze and visualize data, and also take into account his personal characteristics of decision making. In the course “Critical Thinking and Decision Making” you will gain the ability to think clearly and rationally, and understand the logical connection between …
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